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Immersive experiences


I‘m an absolute people pleaser. And not embarrassed to admit it. The user experience is my main focus and expertise.

Born and raised as an entertainer, the interest in immersive experiences is a close call to home.
In collaboration with very knowledgeable freelancers, there have been multiple succesful and very inspiring projects in the past. You’ll find these cases here.

  • Bachelors degree in INTERACTION DESIGN
  • Experience in PRODUCT OWNERSHIP
  • Autor of THE WINDMILL METHOD a semi iterative design method for immersive digital products



Hogeschool van Amsterdam - International VR Experience (3 weeks challenge)

International VR Amsterdam-based project of 3 weeks, in which at high speed a multidisciplinary team designs & builds a VR experience from scratch. Simultaneously with teams in Kyoto, Hanyang and New York this project was succeeded.

The summer from 2-19 July the Design Across Cultures programme of the Digital Society School launched the first virtual reality summer school across cultures. Together with the Play and Civic Media department, the VR Base and a consortium of international partners (Hanyang University, New York Medialab and Kyoto Sangyo University), the HVA wanted to explore how to use creative and innovative storytelling technique like virtual reality to think about the impact of digital technology on society from a cross-cultural perspective.
Over a period of three weeks, four multidisciplinary teams across the world worked together to translate a fragment of the dystopian Dutch novel, Slaap Zacht Johnny Idaho (Sleep Tight Johnny Idaho) by the Dutch author Auke Hulst into a virtual reality experience.

The project was unique in that it involved four multidisciplinary teams across the globe simultaneously working on the same project. The teams were given Mixed Reality devices sponsored by Acer to experiment with finding new and exciting ways to visualise and reflect on part the novel. Using design methods, they solved problems as a team: sharing their interdisciplinary skills and expertise, and evaluating each other’s ideas to achieve a shared purpose. They also exchange ideas across locations and built on each other’s work using digital communication tools.

Sping bv - Immersive 360 degrees conference experience

From framing the problem, creating a concept until it’s been realised into a Virtual Reality experience. 

Waterdrinker Aalsmeer - Bringing the GREEN TRADE CENTER HOME, Oculus GO

Geodesic - Research for UX PreVis (lighting design project), UNREAL ENGINE

Aan haar heb je echt iets. Pakt aan en neemt initiatieven.

Dajo Brinkman

360 video, volumetric video, photogrammetry & laser-scanning, self-employed

Marjolein-Charlotte is one of the most impressive persons I know, her creativeness, optimism and will to undertake new projects make her into a really succesful person

Roberto Ramos Alba

Risk Advisory - Cyber and Strategic Risk Senior Consultant, Deloitte

Marjolein-Charlotte is a woman of many talents which surprise you every time.
She is very independent and knows what she wants. That ambition gives her a lot of perseverance.
She tackles setbacks and problems with both hands and is not afraid to do as a team.
She works well with others and is a natural leader.
This charming lady is an absolute asset to the organization that she’s working for

Arnout van den Berg

Maintenance Analist, Strukton Rail