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Play is essential. It is a motivator. It divides us and it bring us together. To interact is a way to communicate, to ask and to answer. Play challenges and makes us want more.

My name is Marjolein. Great to have you here!

On this page you’ll find work that I’ve done over the years being an


and more.





De Vierde Muur

Picture every painting museum ever. Are all the walls filled up with paintings in fancy frames, accompanied by a small plaque with the name of the painter (often a wealthy, white old man), the title, and the date of the painting? Now, it's 2022 and the outdated way of exposing cultural heritage is...

Simoon the Robot

This is Simoon, the robot. Unfortunately, Simoon is broken. At least, that's what we think. Somehow.. it could be turned on, but we can't exactly remember how. Simoon has lot of buttons and sensors and there's just one order in which they can be used to turn Simoon on again. With visual or...

Innovation Station

This is where my brainwaves become ideas and
are being brought
out in the open.

To show I am not
defined by my work,
but the other way around.

Keeping a curious and
creative mind represents
everything I care about.

Let’s make cool stuff!

But of course,

you can also contact me  we(@)makeitunreal(.)com when you:

1. Want to have coffee
2. Offer free pancakes
3. Have crazy ideas to share
4. Want to ask a question

All messages will be read
and all pancakes will be eaten